Taylor Swift Tribute Band: Taylor's Story


Date of Show: Saturday, Dec. 14
Time of Show:  3 p.m.

Location of Show: KOTA Theater
Ticket Prices: $45.00 + Taxes & Fees

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Taylor's Story

This is “Taylor’s Story.”

With a passion for storytelling and a voice that echoes the emotion and authenticity of Taylor’s music, Shannon delivers a performance that goes beyond mere mimicry. With dedication to the craft and attention to detail, audiences will experience the magic of a Taylor Swift concert, complete with the energy, charisma, and flair that has made Taylor a global phenomenon.

Shannon’s background in country music as a recording artist and seasoned entertainer serves as the perfect foundation for her electrifying stage presence, ensuring that each performance of “Taylor’s Story” is a theatrical spectacle that transports the audience into the heart of Taylor Swift’s world. Whether it’s the infectious pop beats of “Shake It Off” or the soul-stirring ballads like “Love Story,” Shannon flawlessly captures the spirit of Taylor, making every note and lyric resonate with fans old and new.

Step into the enchanting realm of “Taylor’s Story” with Shannon as your guide, and let the music, the resemblance, and the sheer talent of this extraordinary tribute artist leave you spellbound. Shannon is not just a performer; she’s a storyteller, weaving Taylor Swift’s narrative through her own captivating interpretation, creating an unforgettable experience for all who embark on this musical journey with her.


Listen to her here