There are two websites that have additional information about Garrison and the Dickens Village Festival.

Garrison's local web site or the local newspaper, the McLean County Independent's web site.

Plus pick up the Dickens Gazette, a free travel guide to the festival, when you get to town for all the news.

The following news stories give you a glimpse at some of the activities at the festival.



English Craft Show

Posted 11/03/09 (Tue)

Jump back in time at the Dickens Village Festival at the English Market. The English Market offers festive booths adorned with lace frames and staffed with Victorian clad workers who will be glad to help you find the perfect gift for that special person.

Throughout the market you will find crafts, jewelry, holiday candy, pastries, ornaments, birdhouses, books, baked goods, quilts, jewelry, framed photos, wooden toys and more. Take in some demonstrations and hear live music while you eat lunch. There are gifts to buy, food to eat and decorating ideas to consider.

The Garrison City Auditorium, the site of the Market, is home to the official Dickens Village Festival Information Center. Here the helpful ladies manning the booth will provide you with all the information you need to map out your doings at the festival.